2002 Ford Edge



March, 3, 2011 AT 12:07 AM

Okay I went to autozone today and they put the scanner on it they didnt give me code numbers but said that the mass air flow sensor had too much voltage and it was running rich and that there were other faults such as o2 sensor and cylinders not firing. I used some mass air flow cleaner on it and it didnt seem to make any difference. Conditions were worse today before even cleaning it. It was shifting really hard and sputtering even worse than yesterday at times I could only go 20 mph and I had to let allmost all they way off the gas to get it to go at all. Also backfiring. Any ideas?


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March, 3, 2011 AT 12:33 AM

Do you have a check engine light on and or flashing with engine running?
Scanner should pick up the codes
check fuel pressure, check it for tune up and if firing all coils
back fire will damage MAF sensor and cleaning it will not help and may need to be replaced
have to solve the misfiring issue 1st



March, 3, 2011 AT 2:10 AM

Yes check engine light is on I unplugged MAF sensor and vehicle ran even worse. Am I correct in assuming that MAF will either work or not or could it be working somewhat but not properly.I was hoping that if unplugging it had a different result that it was actualy functioning my plan was to try the same thing with the O2 sensors 1 at a time and see if there was any change. Will be changing spark plugs first pulled one today and it was covered with carbon and electrode looked to be about half the original diameter. Thanks for your help BMRFIXIT I appreciate the response and hope this info might narrow down my issue some.

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