2002 Ford 500



June, 13, 2011 AT 9:52 PM

If the engine is pinging/detonating and the EGR valve is not doing its job it will cause a high combustion temperature and NOx will sky high and cause it to ping. Don't always rely on the computer to give you something when there's a problem within the engine management system it'll be nice though if it does



June, 13, 2011 AT 10:01 PM

Thanks. I hope this turns out to be the problem. It's highly inconvenient buming a ride to work when you have a 45 mile commute.



June, 14, 2011 AT 3:48 PM

Well, replacing the EGR solenoid and cleaning the injectors/combustion chamber seemed to fix the problem. I picked the van up yesterday, and stress-tested it by accelerating up a steep hill from a dead stop. No pinging or preignition noises. It still seems odd that the solenoid would not have tripped a error code on the computer. I'll monitor it closely over the next month to make sure it's not a temporary improvement. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll be using this service again!



June, 25, 2011 AT 9:30 PM

Thank you for letting us know that your problem was resolved successfully with help from our expert contributors.

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