2002 Dodge Caravan



September, 17, 2012 AT 2:48 AM

While driving my 2002 dodge caravan my brakes went out. I had just had the master cylinder replaced for the first time in january of this year and both rear shoes, drums, and wheel cylinders replaced do to an unrelated broken wheel cylinder in february. Around two weeks ago while driving the brakes went out again and stayed out (pedal to floor)had it towed back to same shop. While there they determined the master cylinder must have failed again but my brakes were working when removing my vehicle from tow truck I was informed. I decided to have them replace the master cylinder and recieved vehicle back a week ago brakes have been working like a dream until two days ago while driving I pushed the brake pedal to stop and pedal went to floor and when it reached floor the wheels locked up I released the pedal after stopping and reengaged the pedal to find breaks are working fine again mechanic cant figure out why this happened and says it cant be the master cylinder do to the recent replacement. My vehicle is in shop at this time and mechanic says he doesnt know what to do but he would welcome suggestions. Sry for misspells or bad punctuation just need answers


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September, 17, 2012 AT 5:15 AM

Did you check for trouble codes?
Is the brake fluid level correct?
Is the master cylinder OEM? If the first replacement was bad after a few months, the second could be too due to quality of parts used. If this is the case, it is going to be a killer as you would not be looking at it again.



September, 17, 2012 AT 5:52 AM

I did check fluid myself and it was filled to line so no leaks. And no codes came up at shop also no engine light on. Could this be a bad caliper or wheel cylinder sucking air into lines or a bad booster. I don't have abs so I don't have actuators its just your basic system



September, 17, 2012 AT 6:13 AM

Basic braking system would be much easier to handle. It cannot be a caliper fault as the fluid level is correct.

Only 2 things can cause this symptom.

1. Air trapped in system. If this is the case, the problem should be occurring more often and would usualy be the first stroke of the pedal after pedal had not been used for a while.

2. A bad master cylinder. I would go with this as per the symptoms and the reason is the quality of the part is suspect.

Perform this test and see what results you come up with.

Start engine and softly depress the brake pedal. When it stops moving, hold the pressure lightly and wait for a few seconds. Continue with a little more pedal moement and note if it continues to move. If not, back off pedal pressure lightly and depress again lightly. Repeat process of softly pressing and depressing at the point the pedal movement stops and note of the pedal height slowly sinks with each movement.



September, 17, 2012 AT 6:56 AM

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