I've had my car for a little over a year now

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I've had my car for a little over a year now. At the end of last month, I got my strut in my front right tire replaced, my front exaust manifold replaced, my resevoire for my radiator replaced and my oil pan replaced. About three or for days ago I noticed white smoke coming out from under the hood. However, the smoke would only appear after I had driven and then sat the car idle. (I.E. At a stop sign) I checked my oil and realized I was low so I added some, although I have no leak to the best of my knowledge. The smoke did not disappear, however. I am fine with cooling fluid, as well. I can't really tell where the smoke is coming from because as soon as I pop the hood it disappears, leaving just a burning smell. However, another strange thing is that when I check my oil with my car running, I'm just barely above the minimum line; if I check it with my car off, I have more than triple thee amount I should. I'm so confused! I don't want to blow my motor or engine, and I'm not sure where the smoke is coming from. Any ideas?
Thursday, October 18th, 2012 AT 10:49 PM

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You're about to destroy your engine with improper procedures. I saw that happen on a Volkswagen a few years ago. You never check the oil level with the engine running. That is how transmission fluid is checked, but never engine oil. Overfilling the oil can be almost as harmful as low oil. Get the level corrected, then see if there's still smoke coming out. Chances are the oil is being pushed past the piston rings and being burned in the engine. Some of it may be pooling in the exhaust system and is burning off. That will clear up over time.
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Thursday, October 18th, 2012 AT 10:58 PM

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