There iM wondering about the stereo in the.

Hi there im wondering about the stereo in the 2002 grand voyager 3.3lt v6
i want to take the existing stereo out and put a Sony stereo in, its not the infinity sound system, well not as I know as they are usually labelled I would like to know if the speakers on the non-infinity sound system have amps on them as I know the infinity does, if you could get back to me on Fredd-Starr@live. Co. Uk that would be great
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 1:18 PM

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The newer Infinity systems don't necessarily have any special markings. By 2002 those systems used a remote-mounted amplifier instead of the amps on the speakers. In all Chrysler applications, all radios put out speaker-level output and will run speakers directly with or without an amplifier. The amps only modify the tone for the shape of the vehicle. That is unlike the confusing Ford and GM systems that must be matched to the amps.

The only way to know if there are amps on the speakers is to pop one out of the lift gate and look for it. You can expect to find a small plastic box with a crossover network. If there's an amp in it, there will be four wires.

Sometimes you can get an idea of whether to expect to find a remote amp by looking at the radio model. Chrysler built a real inexpensive CD-radio that turns the disc as it gets drawn in. Don't expect to find an amp with that. Most systems used the cd / cassette combo radios built by Mitsubishi. There is no radio built for a car that I'm aware of that is higher-quality. That's the one that will typically have amplified speakers.
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Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 AT 9:59 PM

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