Right front passenger door lock, sideview mirror and window do not function.

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Recently purchased this car. Motor great, electrical system not. Dealer replaced control module. Said it worked. When I opened passenger door, nothing worked. After a little internet research, seems like it may be the door wiring harness. Ordered a used one I found on internet, awaiting arrival. In the meantime, battery goes dead - even though it's a new one. Could a short in the door wiring harness cause a drain in the battery?
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Thursday, January 5th, 2012 AT 2:14 AM

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Possible but not likely. It depends on which wires are frayed and touching.

You don't want a Volkswagen with a drain on the battery. They designed in many things to cost you money after the sale, and one is computers that lock up. This is especially critical on Volkswagens with the infamously dangerous "throttle-by-wire" systems that put Toyota in the news. I don't think that applies to 2001 models yet. A dead or disconnected battery with that system can require the car to be dragged, stuck in park, onto a flatbed truck to be hauled to the dealer to have them do a "minimum throttle" relearn. Until that is done, some cars won't start or come out of park, some will start but engine speed will not increase when the accelerator is pressed. I'd recommend having the selling dealer take care of all electrical problems before any warranty expires, even if you have to leave the car there a few days. Otherwise, be prepared for a lot of expensive repairs. Volkswagen is one of the few manufacturers that is more customer-unfriendly than General Motors.
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Thursday, January 5th, 2012 AT 4:02 AM

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