2001 Subaru Outback



July, 11, 2011 AT 9:44 PM

I need help with a front wheel bearing replacement on a 2001 outback

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July, 12, 2011 AT 12:40 PM

Are you going to do it yourself?



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July, 15, 2011 AT 2:05 PM



1. Disconnect ground cable from battery.

2. Jack-up vehicle, support it with safety stands, and remove front wheels.

3. Unlock axle nut. See Fig. 9.

CAUTION: Be sure to loose and retighten axle nut after removing wheel from vehicle. Failure to follow this rule may damage wheel bearings.

4. Remove axle nut while depressing brake pedal to prevent front drive shaft from turning.

5. Remove stabilizer link. See Fig. 10.

6. Remove disc brake caliper from housing, and suspend it from strut using a wire.

7. Remove disc rotor from hub. See Fig. 11. If disc rotor seizes up
within hub, drive disc rotor out by installing an 8-mm bolt in screw hole on the rotor.

8. Remove cotter pin and castle nut which secure tie-rod end to
housing knuckle arm. See Fig. 12.

9. Using a puller, remove tie-rod ball joint from knuckle arm. See
Fig. 13.

10. Remove ABS sensor assembly and harness. See Fig. 14.

11. Remove bolt which secures sensor harness to strut. See Fig. 15.

12. Remove transverse link ball joint from housing. See Fig. 16.

CAUTION: DO NOT pull inner joint when removing axle shaft.

13. Remove inner joint from transmission spindle.

14. Remove front axle shaft assembly from hub. See Fig. 17.

15. After scribing an alignment mark on camber adjusting bolt head, remove bolts which connect housing and strut, and disconnect housing from strut. See Fig. 18.


CAUTION: When self-locking nut is removed, replace it with new one.

1. While aligning alignment mark on camber adjusting bolt head, connect housing and strut.

2. Install front drive shaft.

3. Install transverse link ball joint to housing.

4. Install ABS sensor harness on strut.

5. Install ABS sensor on housing.

6. Install disc rotor on hub.

7. Install disc brake caliper on housing.

8. Connect stabilizer link.

CAUTION: DO NOT hammer the bottom of tie-rod end when installing it.

9. Install tie-rod end.

10. After tightening castle nut to specification, retighten it further within 60 until a slot in castle nut is aligned with the ball joint hole. See Fig. 12.

CAUTION: a) When axle nut is removed, replace it with new one.

B) Always tighten axle nut before installing wheel on vehicle.

C) Be sure to tighten axle nut to specification. DO NOT over tighten it as this may damage wheel bearing.

11. While depressing brake pedal to prevent front axle shaft from turning, tighten axle nut to specification.

12. After tightening axle nut, lock it securely. See Fig. 19.

13. Install wheel and tighten wheel nuts to specification.



1. Using hub remover, support housing and hub securely.

CAUTION: a) Be careful not to scratch polished area of hub.

B) Be sure to install inner race on the side of outer race from which it was removed. See Fig. 43.

2. Attach hub stand to housing drive hub out. See Fig. 42. If inner bearing race remains in the hub, remove it with appropriate tool.

3. Remove disc cover from housing. See Fig. 44.

CAUTION: Replace the removed oil seal with a new one.

4. Using a screwdriver, remove outer and inner oil seals.

5. Using flat-bladed screwdriver, remove snap ring. See Fig. 45.

6. Using housing stand, support housing securely.

CAUTION: a) DO NOT remove outer race unless it is faulty.

B) Replace the removed outer race with new one.

C) DO NOT replace inner or outer race separately; always replace as a unit.

7. Using bearing remover, press inner race to drive out outer bearing. See Fig. 46.


1. Clean dust or foreign particles from inside the housing.

CAUTION: a) Always press outer race when installing bearing.

B) Be careful not to remove plastic lock from inner race when installing bearing.

2. Using housing stand and bearing remover, press a new bearing into place. See Fig. 49.

CAUTION: Make sure to install it firmly to groove.

3. Using snap ring pliers, install snap ring in its groove. See Fig. 50.

4. Using oil seal installer and housing stand, press inner oil seal until it contacts circlip. See Fig. 51.

5. Invert housing stand.

6. Using oil seal installer and housing stand, press outer oil seal until it contacts the bottom of housing. See Fig. 52.

CAUTION: If specified grease is not available, remove bearing grease and apply Auto Rex A instead. DO NOT mix different types of grease.

7. Apply sufficient grease to oil seal lip.
Specified grease: SHELL 6459N

8. Install disc cover to housing and the 3 bolts.

9. Attach hub to hub stand.

10. Clean dust or foreign particles from the polished surface of hub.

11. Using hub installer, press bearing into hub by driving inner race.

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