2001 Lincoln Town Car A/C fan

  • V8
  • 2WD
  • 100,464 MILES
How to replace a/c fan control module on 2001 Lincoln Town Car
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Removal & Installation
Disable air bag system. Remove passenger's side air bag module. See AIR BAG SYSTEM SAFETY article in GENERAL SERVICING. Remove steering column. See appropriate STEERING COLUMNS article in STEERING. Open glove compartment. Remove instrument panel support bracket bolt. Close glove compartment.
Remove 2 nuts and position speed control servo aside. Remove bolt and disconnect left bulkhead connector. Unclip left bulkhead connector from dash panel. Remove windshield washer reservoir.
Disconnect blower motor harness connector, A/C pressure cut-off switch harness connector, in-line wiring harness connector (on blower motor), and EATC blower motor speed controller connector (on evaporator in right rear of engine compartment).
Remove right front wheel center cap. Raise and support vehicle. Remove right front wheel and tire assembly. Remove right front fender apron splash shield bolts. Position fender apron away from dash panel. Unclip electrical harness from evaporator case and electrical harness from dash panel. Lower vehicle to access interior.
Remove push-pins and remove right lower insulator. See Fig. 18. As insulator is lowered, disconnect power point electrical connector and remove courtesy light. Unseat dash panel grommet and feed wiring harness through dash panel.
Remove right and left cowl side trim panels. Remove right and left windshield side garnish moldings. On 2000 models, disconnect locking clip, then disconnect electrical connector from Electronic Crash Sensor (ECS). See Fig. 19. On all models, disconnect antenna cable in-line connector.
Remove 3 right side ground connection bolts, from right cowl edge. Disconnect EATC hose from evaporator housing. Loosen bolt and disconnect right bulkhead connector. Position right and left door weatherstrip seals away from instrument panel.
Remove tunnel brace trim panel. Disconnect EATC plenum vacuum harness. Remove instrument panel tunnel brace. Remove 2 left side ground connection bolts, from left cowl edge. Disconnect 3 wiring harness connectors beneath left side of instrument panel. Disconnect parking brake switch connector.
Unclip defrost grille from instrument panel. Detach harness connectors from sensor. Remove defrost grille. Remove 3 screws from top of instrument panel. Remove right instrument panel cowl side nut. Remove upper and lower left cowl side nut and bolt. With an assistant, carefully remove instrument panel from vehicle.
To install, reverse removal procedure. Tightening nuts and bolts to specification. See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS
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