2001 Lincoln Aviator


Michelle Kuren

January, 25, 2011 AT 8:58 PM

Recently my car will notify me by ringing. As if the panel is going to show me my fuel is low or whatever. Yesterday. I heard bells and the battery light, and a few others came on the panel and the car shut off. Not sure what happened. It hesitated as if the fuel wasn't giving enough gas. I barely got off the road but it did it while going about 60 mph. This happened before but it was about 40 mph.

2 questions. Do you think it is the fuel injectors being coroded? And also, can I restart my car while not having it in park?


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February, 7, 2011 AT 7:35 PM

I doubt the injectors are doing this. Have the computer scanned to determine if there is a trouble codes stored that may indicate where the problem is coming from. If the check engine light hasn't come on, check fuel pump pressure to make sure it is within specs.

As far as restarting it, the vehicle is designed to be started in either park or neutral. If you are moving on the road and need to restart, DO NOT put it in park, but rather place it in neutral to restart it.

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