2001 Kia Sportage



January, 10, 2013 AT 10:58 PM

I'm trying to remove the transfer case chain cover. It comes out a out an inch and stops. What am I missing


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January, 10, 2013 AT 11:05 PM

You do have it out of the car? It must be removed




January, 11, 2013 AT 12:08 AM

It is not out of the car. Why can't I just remove the chain cover to replace the chain.



January, 11, 2013 AT 12:12 AM

Because the front cover comes off first.

Unscrew and remove the vehicle speed sensor from the speedometer gear.

Remove the bolt from the speedometer gear then remove the speedometer gear.

Unscrew and remove the 4WD indicator light switch.

Remove the front and rear driveshaft flanges.

NOTICE: The silver colored nut is a left hand thread and is used on the front drive flange. The bronze colored nut is a normal right-hand thread and is used on the rear drive flange.
Although the flanges are identical, note their position for re-assembly. They are marked to correspond with their respective driveshafts.

Remove the rear flange seal.

Remove the O-ring from the rear output shaft.

Remove the ten front cover bolts.

Remove the front cover from the transfer case.

NOTICE: Do not pry against the sealing surfaces of the front cover or transfer case.
The spring and washer from the 2WD/4WD shaft will release and fall free when the front cover is removed from the transfer case.

Remove the six bearing cover bolts. Strike the input shaft from the transfer case side with a soft hammer to loosen the cover and input shaft. Remove the bearing cover and input shaft.

Remove the countershaft assembly.

Remove the plugs, springs, and detent pins for the HI/LO and 2WD/4WD shifter rods.

Slide the HI/LO shaft, shift fork, and slider forward and out of the case.

With the transfer case positioned top side up, remove the thirteen outer bolts and two inner bolts from the chain cover.

NOTICE: Do not pry against the sealing surface of the chain cover.

Remove the chain cover from the transfer case. The speedometer drive gear will pull out with the chain cover.

Remove the HI/LO - 2WD/4WD detent pin from the chain cover.

Remove the speedometer drive gear indexing pin from the output shaft.

Support the transfer case in the press with the chain side up and press the output shaft out of the case.

Lift out the collar, 2WD/4WD hub assembly, shift rod and fork.

NOTICE: Be sure to keep the 2WD/4WD hub assembly together. The 2WD/4WD hub assembly has three steel balls and three springs which can fly apart and be lost if the hub sleeve is separated from the hub.

Separate the 2WD/4WD shift rod and fork from the 2WD/4WD hub assembly.

Remove the synchronizer ring from the drive sprocket.

Remove the drive sprocket, steel bushing and the two needle bearings.

Remove the stepped spacer.

Remove the front drive chain.

Remove the front wheel drive output shaft from the transfer case.

Remove the O-ring from the front wheel drive output shaft.

Remove the front wheel drive output shaft oil seal from the transfer case.

Using a magnet, remove the indexing ball from the output shaft then remove the second spacer and indexing ball.

Remove the low gear and two needle bearings from the output shaft.

Remove the five Torx bolts from the transfer case bearing plate then remove the bearing plate and bearing.

Remove the snap-ring and bearing from the chain cover.


Place the 2WD/4WD hub assembly on a workbench with the snap ring side down, then place a rag over the assembly to prevent the loss of the detent balls during disassembly.
Slowly pull the slider off the hub assembly. Be careful not to lose the detent balls or springs.
Inspect the slider, hub, keys, springs and detent balls for damage or wear.

Place the 2WD/4WD hub on the workbench with the snap ring side down.

Insert the three keys into the notches in the hub on top of the snap ring.

Align the three tabs in the synchronizer with the three keys in the hub then place the synchronizer top of the hub.

Remove the retaining screws from Transfer Syncro Assembler (SST K95B-4404-TR) then place the Special Service Tool (SST) housing over the hub and synchronizer and align the screw holes in the SST with the holes in the keys.
Hold the hub assembly and SST together and turn the assembly over so the snap ring in the hub is on top.

Insert the three detent springs through the holes in the SST and into the keys.

Insert the three detent balls into the holes in the SST.

Compress the three detent balls and springs with the three Transfer Syncro Assembler (SST K95B4404-TR) retaining screws. Tighten the retaining screws until they are snug.

Place the slider on top of the hub and SST assembly with the protruding engagement teeth in the slider facing down.

Hold the hub, SST and slider assembly together and place the entire assembly on top of the Transfer Syncro Assembler (SST K95B-4404-TR) holder.

While holding the assembly together, apply downward pressure to the top of the slider while loosening the three retaining screws. Loosen the screws (while pushing downward) until the slider drops and is flush with the hub.

Hold the 2WD/4WD hub assembly together and lift it off of the Transfer Syncro Assembler (SST K95B4404-TR).



January, 11, 2013 AT 12:13 AM

Once again, it must be out of the car to be dis assembled. There is a shift fork holding it together




January, 11, 2013 AT 6:40 AM

I have the maintenance manual. I was hoping I could get to the chain and replace it.

I found the damage when I went to change the gear oil: Lots of metal came out.

If I have to remove the transfer case, where can I get a rebuilt case? I've looked on the Internet but all I find are used transfer cases (TC) for $50 to $750. I hate the thought of reinstalling a damaged TC just because I can save a few bucks.

Any suggestions?


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