2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser



March, 17, 2012 AT 5:19 PM

Since I purchased the car in November, I've heard a squeak which sounds like it may be coming from the front axel (right side?). It occurrs at all speeds but gets quieter with acceleration, and stops while braking with a high pitch and high frequency squeak in the transition. I also hear a squeaky kind of. Shuffle or knock, I guess, at lower speeds and especially while turning. I had the brake pads and rotors replaced in December and both sounds stopped for about.600 miles. But its back with a vengeance. Could it be a U-Joint or axle bearing? Its starting to concern me. There's no noticeable bounce and only the occasional steering wheel wobble above 65mph though I do probably need an alignment and balance. Help? Pleeease?


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March, 17, 2012 AT 6:00 PM

You're describing a squeal that can be caused by the axle shaft seal in the transmission. My '88 Grand Caravan has been doing that off and on for about five years. To prove it you have to crawl underneath and locate the inner cv joint, then douse it with a lubricant that will spray behind the housing and work its way to the seal. I used Mopar MP-50 which is similar to WD-40 on a customer's car and it quieted down for a few hundred miles. That was plenty to verify the cause. New seals are only a few bucks but it can take an hour to pull the half shaft out to replace it.



March, 19, 2012 AT 4:18 PM

That would be great if it was the culprit.I'm all for an easy(ish) fix! Lol. I've had to say farewell to a car before due to problems it'd be cheaper to find a replacement than get fixed.I'll check that out. Thank you

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