2001 Chrysler Neon



September, 4, 2011 AT 4:51 PM

I had issue for couple months would take 5 or more trys to start car. Finally
i changed the starter(rebuilt) only for it to only last for 4 starts. So put in another
rebuilt one. Worked good for short while than like original took 5 or more trys to start.
this lasted a month. Now someone suggested solenoid not getti
g enough power. So we tried while boosting and it was closer but still no go.
so is it poss bad wire and connections? If so would that be easy to change?


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September, 4, 2011 AT 6:23 PM

Use a digital multimeter, make sure the battery and charging system are ok? With key in the crank position, what is the reading across battery posts?

Compare that reading to the reading at starter circuits, key in crank position.

Make sure all your grounds are clean? You can even use a redundant ground wire from starter motor housing bolt to frame.

Are you using oem starter? If the starter is pulling too many amps, could be a mechanical issue with engine, any cables or wiring getting hot?

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