Are my wheels going to fall off?

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I drive a 2000 Toyota camry le 130k miles. Noises started a few years ago with the steering wheel making a winding noise with a vibration in gas pedal only while turning the steering wheel; such as to park. Then over past couple years the front wheels rattle like pots and pans when I hit a bump. The ride is very rough and hitting bumps sound loud like my trunk is shutting (but it's not). The steering feels loose when I'm driving and tight when I'm making left and right turns. Are my wheels going to fall
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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 AT 8:52 PM

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Would you expect it's time someone performed an inspection? There are a lot of parts in the brake, steering, and suspension systems that can rattle but are not serious, but there are also many parts that can separate leading to loss of control and a crash. If that crash involves injury to another person, you can bet a good lawyer's investigator will find those worn or broken parts. They will prove to a jury that you had more than enough warning that something was wrong and you chose to ignore it. Good investigators find stuff like that when the other guy ran the red light and caused the crash. They can convince the jury that you were partially at fault because the condition of your car made you less able to avoid the crash.

Head straight to a tire and alignment shop and explain the problem. They might start with a test drive, then they'll perform a visual inspection. Based on your description and the mileage, you might expect quite a list of needed repairs. If you don't want all of them done right away, ask them to point out the safety-related ones and those that can wait. Keep in mind that replacing most parts in the steering or suspension systems will require an alignment. It is not wise to replace parts at two different times when each one requires an alignment. Have everything requiring an alignment done at the same time so you only have to have it aligned once. Some shops will offer to realign your car the second time for free if you come back within a certain time for the remainder of the work, but only if they offer that courtesy. Don't ask for it because the person you're dealing with might be in a generous mood that day, but he will forget that he made that offer a month later. He might not even be there a month later.
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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 AT 9:28 PM

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