2000 Saturn SL2



August, 28, 2012 AT 3:18 AM

OK I have had a couple issues with my 2000 Saturn sl2 4door. I have replaced the air intake system due to the coolant stem cracking. I have changed the thermostat, however it is still oveheating and boiling the coolant out of the resevoir when in city traffic. If I am on the open road it stays cool between the 1/4 and 1/2 mark on the gauge inside the car. But if I am in the city or letting it idle it overheats and the resevoir will be empty, it seems to be bopiling the coolant out or off due to the engine being so hot. I am not sure if I need to replace the fan relay or the fan motor. Any suggestions as to what step to take next? Thanks Sherry


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August, 28, 2012 AT 3:25 AM

Fan motor may be at fault but even worse is the fact you may have damaged the motor from the overheating. Get a leak down test done to verify the motor. Then have the fan circuit checked for failure.

Coolant stem on the intake?




August, 28, 2012 AT 4:16 AM

*** air intake manifold ***



August, 28, 2012 AT 6:34 AM

Just to add to this one in 2000 they changed the twin cam S models intake manifold. From. Aluminum. To plastic. Its common for the return coolant nipple to crack and leak. They actually make a. Repair kit for those intakes where you remove the manifold and cut the nipple out with a hack saw. Then replace it with a metal plate/nipple. As far as you over heating. Does your ac work when its not overheating?If so turn it on when the engine is not that hot With the ac clutch engaged see if the radiator fan comes on and. Blows a lot of air. If not try taping the motor lightly. With a hammer. If the motor starts spining bad motor if the motor doesn't start spining see if you have power and ground to. The motor. If you do bad motor. Its probably jist a bad fan motor the relays never really go out on those but the fan motors do.

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