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How to remove wiper arm on 2000 l-series

Monday, January 31st, 2011 AT 8:19 PM

1 Answer

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1. Remove wiper arm finish cap by pulling upward on cap at pivot location.
2. Mark both wiper arm positions on windshield by using a wax pencil or tape.
3. Remove wiper arm retaining nut and washer.
4. Lift wiper arm assembly away from windshield and remove wiper arm from pivot shaft.


1. Position wiper blade assemblies near bottom of windshield and align with previously made marks performed during removal. If windshield was replaced, position drivers side center pivot of wiper arm 15mm above windshield lower molding and passenger side wiper arm 45mm above windshield lower molding.

NOTE: Use new nuts. Torque retention of old nuts may not be sufficient.

2. Install wiper arm retaining washer and nut.

Torque: 28 N.M (21 ft-lbs)

3. Install wiper arm finish cap.

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