I have been driving my parent's MPV ppl mover.

  • 2000 MAZDA MPV
I have been driving my parent's MPV ppl mover car for a couple of months now driving my family here & there. And I have been having a situation. I am hearing a rattling noise as I turn off the ignition from a day's worth of driving and as I am driving, as I want to take off from the traffic lights or from an intersection, it is slow. I mean very slow and I'm really scared that the cars at the back of me might hit me as I am taking off way too slow but I am pressing on the accelerator to the speed mode that I want it to just to take off, It never use to be like this in the beginning as I first started to drive the MPV but now I am having difficulties driving it. Also, as I am at a stop sign or yet again at the traffic lights, the car is rattling virgorously as a result of the steering wheel shaking in response to the rattling noise, Does it mean that I have a problem with the car engine itself. On another occasion, I am driving in a 60km zone and I am pressing the accelerator hard to reach the 60km but instead it would end up 70km on my dash board. I know, there is something wrong with the car but I need to find out what the exact problem is to avoid any accidents and would it be safe to still drive the MPV?

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 AT 6:37 AM

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If it's shaking when standing still it sounds like it is long overdue for maintenance including spark plugs and wires. Misfires greatly reduce engine performance and waste a real lot of fuel. There are a lot of other things that can cause the symptoms you described. Time to get a mechanic involved.
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Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 AT 7:17 AM

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