2000 Lexus LX



February, 27, 2011 AT 2:25 AM

I replaced my ahc pump in my lexus lx 470
Do I need to bleed it


3 Answers



March, 2, 2011 AT 7:41 PM

Yes, bleeding has to be done when there is a possibility of air being trapped in system.



March, 3, 2011 AT 2:55 AM

Can you tell me the best way to bleed the line, I can not get the car to go up it stays on low



March, 3, 2011 AT 10:34 PM

WARNING: When fluid is being discharged, vehicle height is lowered suddenly.

NOTE: If any work is done on AHC system or if air is suspected in AHC
lines, bleed system of air.

NOTE: When reservoir tank is empty, or after AHC pump and motor is replaced or removed, starting engine may cause air to flow into AHC fluid line. In this condition, AHC system can not be operated even if fluid is poured into tank. If this happens, raise vehicle height of front or rear wheel by conducting active test and activate AHC pump and motor for about 10 seconds. See TEST D: HEIGHT CONTROL OPERATION TEST (ACTIVE TEST).

1. With engine stopped, pour suspension fluid AHC into reservoir tank.

2. Start engine and push vehicle height select switch to select "N" mode.

3. After vehicle height adjustment is completed, check that AHC pump motor is stopped.

4. Stop engine.

5. Connect bleeder hose to bleeder screw of either right or left damping force control actuator. See Fig. 25.

6. Loosen bleeder screw.

7. When emulsified fluid containing air is discharged, tighten bleeder screw to specification.

8. Perform 5 and 6 for damping force control actuator in rear.

9. Repeat procedure for left and right damping force control actuators alternately.

10. Start engine on a level place. Adjust vehicle to "N" position with vehicle unloaded.

11. Check that fluid level in reservoir tank is within standard range. See Fig. 26.


NOTE: DO NOT raise vehicle height higher than "HI" position when raising with active test.

1. Using special tool (09843-18020), jumper between terminals Ts and E1
of (DLC1). See Fig. 125.

2. Start engine. Push "DOWN" button of height select switch 5 times or more within 5 seconds. See Fig. 126. Height control OFF indicator light should flash at.25 second intervals.

3. Operate each switch and check operation of height control of each wheel. See Fig. 127.

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