2000 Daewoo Nubira



November, 2, 2013 AT 1:08 PM

Brake lights will NOT go off after taking foot off brake and stay on AFTER car is turned off. Only way to get them off was to disconnect battery. Checked bulbs and brake fluid and all appears OK. What is the problem and how do I correct it? Also all VISIBLE wiring appears OK And I see no signs of shorts.

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November, 2, 2013 AT 2:15 PM

Forget about checking the bulbs. They're lit up so you know they're working. Same with the wiring. It's working. In this case what isn't working properly is the brake light switch. You may be able to prove it by pulling up on the brake pedal. If the lights go out there's one of two things that has happened. The switch could be loose and is out of adjustment, or there was a rubber cap on the end of the plunger that fell off. Look around on the floor for that part.



November, 2, 2013 AT 4:23 PM

Thank You so much for the diagnoses and quick response. I knew about the rubber cap as this happened with a 98 Ford Escort that I once owned. I'll look into the Brake Switch. Thanks again for your help !

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