How do I change the fuel filter

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Please give me the location of the fuel filter and how to replace it
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Fuel pressure can remain in the fuel system for several hours after the engine is shut down.

To relieve the fuel system pressure on vehicles equipped with gasoline engines, perform the following:

1. Locate the fuel pump fuse, and remove it from the fuse panel.
2. Operate the engine until it runs out of fuel and stops.
3. Remove the fuel filler cap.
4. For safety purposes, disconnect the negative battery cable.

When the battery is disconnected, the radio security code will need to be reset. Be sure you obtain the security code (if the radio is equipped with a security system) before performing this procedure. Also, the engine management system's adaptive memory parameters may be lost; as a result, the vehicle may operate erratically for the first few miles after the battery is disconnected.

5. Proceed with the necessary fuel system component repairs. When finished, install the fuel pump fuse and connect the negative battery cable. Don't forget to install the fuel filler cap.


Gasoline Engines

Fig. Always use a back-up wrench to hold the fuel filter when loosening or tightening the fittings

The fuel filter removes particulate matter from the fuel system which might clog the fuel distributor block or fuel injectors. All gasoline vehicles covered by this guide are equipped with "lifetime" fuel filters. According to the manufacturer, unless the fuel system is damaged or contaminated, the filter is large enough to handle all normal fuel filtering requirements for the life of the engine. However, changing this filter more often than recommended can ease the load on the fuel pump, especially on higher mileage vehicles.

On gasoline engine-equipped vehicles, the fuel filter is under the car next to the fuel pump reservoir and looks like a large, metal container. Arrows point the direction of fuel flow through the filter. Banjo type fittings with copper gaskets connect the fuel lines to the filter. Always replace these gaskets any time the fittings are loosened.
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