I just bought this van, and the oil light keeps.

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I just bought this van, and the oil light keeps coming on and beeping at me! It seems to do it mostly when stopping or already stopped, however occasionally it does it while driving. I took it to the mechanic I bought it from, he told me to get the oil changed, did that. The light came back, so I took it back to him, he said he changed the oil sending unit, but the light came back on again! My question is, does it take a little while for the sending unit to "acclimate" or did we get a bad unit in there? (He has a u-pull-it salvage yard, so its very possible he got the unit used)

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 AT 3:00 PM

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Sending units do cause false readings but in this case you need to have the actual oil pressure checked with a mechanical gauge. If it is low, suspect worn engine bearings. You didn't say which engine you have. For the 3.0L V-6, 6 pounds of pressure at idle is acceptable, and the sending units are calibrated to reflect that. 6 pounds is WAY too low for any other engine.

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Thursday, February 28th, 2013 AT 8:45 PM

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