1999 Nissan



May, 26, 2012 AT 12:37 PM

Does my engine has a problem? I changed the plugs and the mechanic told me that there is a problem with the computer. Can it be replaced? It can't bring out fire.I packed it it cannot move. Am in Uganda East Africa

2 Answers



May, 26, 2012 AT 12:46 PM

You could have a bad coil.



May, 26, 2012 AT 12:46 PM

The above link explains what to look for when engine can crank but cannot be started. It can be anything feom a bad carank sensor to a fail engnine computer and you need to diagnose the problem first.

Was a scan tool used to check for trouble codes?
If engine is equipped with immobilizer, ensure the transponder is still intact with key as for Nissan models, the transponder can get lost when the key fob is dropped and breaks open.

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