1999 Ford F-150



March, 25, 2013 AT 3:11 AM

I will be as detailed on this as possible. I have been having this problem over a period of three years. I have a 99 F-150 model XL 4WD, with a 4.2 Litre V6 in it. Every summer, when the outside temperature is above 90 degrees, my truck will do one of two things. First: It will not start. It will crank over but will have no spark. While it is doing this, the anti theft light will flash rapidly at me. Second: If the truck does start I can drive it fine, for maybe two blocks, then the truck will die, as if I have shut off the key. There is no sputter, and I till have all power, such as lights, radio, dash etc. When it does this, the anti theft light will flash rapidly. When the weather is below 90 degrees, my truck runs beautifully. I have taken it to two Ford dealerships, and both were paid to diagnose the problem. Both came up with the wrong diagnosis, and charged me to repair what they thought the problem was, only to have the problem continue. The problem is that the truck is not throwing any codes when this happens. I appreciate any help you can give me in this.


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March, 25, 2013 AT 3:26 AM

This is the anti theft, The transceiver module communicates with the encoded encoded ignition key, This module is located behind the steering column shroud and contains a antenna connected to a small module, The PATS uses the PCM to enable or disable the engine, All elements of the PATS must be functional before the engine is allowed to start. Take a key tape to the module in the steering column



March, 25, 2013 AT 9:19 AM

What repairs did the dealers find at the time?




March, 25, 2013 AT 8:28 PM

The first Dealer told me my truck was fine. The second Dealer told me that it was most likely the fuel pump, and replaced the Fuel Pump Relay as well as the Power Relay. That one almost killed me because Ford claimed they had fixed it and I believed them and took it out on the freeway.

As to the First answer, I am using a factory chipped key in the ignition, and it only happens when hot, whatever is causing this would still happen even with the key tapped to the transponder wouldn't it?

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