My trucks engine is making a clicking or ticking noise when it sits in idle, what could it be?

  • 1999 FORD F-150
  • 172,000 MILES
My trucks engine makes a ticking or clicking noise when it sits in idle. I have heard from people thats just a ford being a ford. I read online that the noise could be from dirty fuel injectors, that the spark plugs are loose or making a bad connection. The spark plugs are aa little more then afew years old(NGK). I do have to replace the belt cuz ive notice a little more wear on it then I like.
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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 AT 3:01 PM

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Ford truck engines, Ford in general, have shorter piston skirts and that tends to make some noise which is normal. The fuel injectors tick and that is normal. If you think it is louder than it used to be, try a high quality fuel system cleaner such as SEA FOAM or BG44K.
You may have to go to a service station to find them. They are $15-$20 a can but well worth it. In fact they work so well that the oil will get dirty after running a can or two in the tank. This is from all the deposits that the cleaner removes and then settles out in the oil. So, I recommend running two cans and then changing the engine oil.
The other thing it could be is a failing hydraulic valve lifter. This would cause valve lash when running and is something you kind of have to live with as it won't damage anything. To replace it, the top end essentially has to be rebuilt.
So, ticking and clicking is normal. With the mileage you have a failed lifter is a possibility, but not worth messing with until the whole motor needs re-building.
Running fuel system cleaner may quiet the injectors some and is a good idea if you don't run it regularly.
You don't have anything that is abnormal from what you describe.
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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 AT 5:19 PM

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