1999 Ford Contour



August, 24, 2011 AT 12:11 AM

I have a 99 Ford Contour. It has been hesitating ans sputtering for months now. The check engine light is not on. I have had the crankshaft, camsensor, head gasket, fuel filter, spark plugs and wires, and IAC Module replaced. All at different times. Everytime the car does this, I take it to a auto shop and something is fixed and the car seems fine for a day or so and then begins hesitating and sputtering. It does this while idling, driving, pushing on the gas, and most recently while on the highway going about 60 mph. I have had it to many places and noone can figure this out. Please let me know if you have any idea as to what can be causing this. The car only has 57000 miles on it. For 6 years I have had the car and 45000 miles on it. This is the first time ever that I have had any issues since I bought it.


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August, 24, 2011 AT 12:34 AM

I would rig up a fuel pressure gauge that you can tape to the windshield to monitor fuel pressure at the moment this happens.

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