1999 Daewoo Nubira



February, 22, 2012 AT 12:18 PM

HI I have a 1999 Daewooo Nubira and I will like to know how do I set the timing in order to or prior to replace the Head Gasket, and what would be the sequences of losing the bolt and thinning them and how much would be the torque?

Leaking a lot of oil and I needs to replace the gasket, so when it was running she hesitate to stop running I went to Autozone they place the scanner to it and it shows to them that the oil sending unit was bad or broken and the knock sensor but I explain to them that I have replace them already, so now like I ask of you I would like to know the sequences of timing and replacing the head gasket and torque?


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February, 23, 2012 AT 9:47 AM

Put the engine no.1 piston on its compression stroke/TDC and align the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets as indicated below-



February, 23, 2012 AT 9:49 AM

Remove fuel pump fuse. Start engine. After it stalls, crank engine for 10 seconds to rid fuel system of fuel pressure. Disconnect negative battery cable. Disconnect powertrain control module (PCM)/engine control module (ECM) ground terminal. See Fig. 7. Drain engine coolant. Disconnect intake air temperature sensor connector. Disconnect breather tube from valve cover.
Disconnect air intake tube from throttle body. Disconnect electronic ignition system (EI system) ignition coil connector. Disconnect pre-converter oxygen sensor connector. Disconnect idle air control valve connector. Disconnect throttle position sensor connector. See Fig. 8. Disconnect engine coolant temperature sensor connector. Disconnect coolant temperature sensor connector. Disconnect camshaft position sensor.
Remove air filter housing bolts. Remove air filter housing. Remove right front wheel. Remove right front splash shield. Install engine assembly lift support (J-28467-B). Remove right engine mount bracket and bolts. See Fig. 9. Disconnect upper radiator hose at thermostat housing. Remove serpentine accessory drive belt. Remove crankshaft pulley bolts. Remove crankshaft pulley. Remove front timing belt cover bolts. Remove front timing belt cover.
Remove timing belt. Disconnect breather tube at valve cover. Remove spark plug cover bolts. Remove spark plug cover. Disconnect ignition wires from spark plugs. Remove valve cover nuts. Remove valve cover washers. Remove valve cover and valve cover gasket. While holding intake camshaft firmly in place, remove intake camshaft gear bolt. Remove intake camshaft gear. While holding exhaust camshaft firmly in place, remove exhaust camshaft gear bolt. See Fig. 10.
Remove exhaust camshaft gear. Remove timing belt automatic tensioner bolts. Remove timing belt automatic tensioner. See Fig. 11. Remove timing belt idler pulley bolt and nut. Remove timing belt idler pulleys. Remove engine mount bolts. See Fig. 12. Remove engine mount. Remove rear timing belt cover bolt. Remove rear timing belt cover. See Fig. 13. Remove auxiliary catalytic converter nuts at exhaust manifold. Disconnect all of necessary vacuum hoses. Disconnect fuel return line at fuel pressure regulator.
Disconnect fuel feed line at fuel rail. Remove generator adjusting bracket retaining bolt and bracket. Disconnect coolant hose at rear cylinder head and ignition coil exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) bracket. Disconnect surge tank coolant hose at throttle body. Remove fuel rail assembly. Remove generator-to-intake manifold support bracket bolts at cylinder head and intake manifold. See Fig. 14. Remove generator support bracket. Remove intake manifold-to-generator strap bracket bolt and loosen bolt on generator.
NOTE: Prevent any engine oil or coolant from entering cylinders when removing cylinder head.

Move strap clear of intake manifold. Remove evaporative emission canister purge solenoid bracket bolt and move bracket clear. Disconnect throttle cable at throttle body and intake manifold. Loosen all of cylinder head bolts gradually and in sequence shown. See Fig. 15. Remove cylinder head bolts. Remove cylinder head with intake manifold and exhaust manifold attached. Remove cylinder head gasket.

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