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How do I change the oil pan gasket on my engine?

Saturday, December 29th, 2012 AT 5:36 PM

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The oil pan uses liquid gasket and tendency to leak is almost zero unless there are impact damages. If you have leaks around it, recheck the source, it most probably is from the crank seals.

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain engine oil from engine crankcase. Disconnect post-converter heated oxygen sensor. Remove auxiliary catalytic converter upper flange nuts from exhaust manifold and support bracket bolts.

2. Remove front muffler pipe retaining nuts from main catalytic converter. Remove both catalytic converters as a unit. Remove oil pan flange-to-transaxle retaining bolts. See Fig. 19. Remove oil pan retaining bolts. Remove oil pan from engine block. See Fig. 20.

Cleaning Procedure
1. Clean oil pan sealing surface. Clean engine block sealing surface. Clean oil pan retaining bolts.

2. Clean oil pan attaching bolt holes in engine block. Clean oil pan splash shield. See Fig. 21.


Install oil pan within 5 minutes after applying liquid gasket to oil pan.

1. Coat new oil pan gasket with sealant. Install oil pan to engine block. Install oil pan retaining bolts. Tighten oil pan retaining bolts
to 10 N.M (89 INCH lbs.). Install oil pan flange-to-transaxle retaining bolts. Tighten oil pan flange-to-transaxle bolts to 40 N.M (30 ft. Lbs.).

2. Install catalytic converters. Tighten auxiliary catalytic converter-to-exhaust manifold nuts to 40 N.M (30 ft. Lbs.). Tighten exhaust pipe support bracket bolts to 40 N.M (30 ft. Lbs.). Tighten front muffler pipe-to-main catalytic converter nuts to 30 N.M (22 ft. Lbs.). Connect post-converter oxygen sensor. Connect negative battery cable. Refill engine crankcase with engine oil.

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