1999 Audi A6



November, 1, 2011 AT 2:32 AM

Hi, Re posting the same old problem after few months.
Car: Audi A6 99 2.8L Quattro. 113Kmiles

History: Started having low oil pressure problem since Apr 2011
1) Checked oil pressure and they all checked out fine as per my mechanic
2) Changed oil pressure sensor or sender and still same issue
3) No noise when light comes on and car runs with same power, no other abnormalities
4) Have been driving like this almost 6months without any issues but annoying beep without any damage so its not real pressure issue.

After so much observation below is the pattern, after a bit of driving and when car reaches normal working temp around 150F to 200F, low oil pressure warning starts only at 1800RPM.
Took car on plain empty road and did a test.
1) Drive below 1800RPM - No light
2) Drive above 2000RPM - No light
3) Drive app around 1800RPM for morethan 2Secs - BEEP BEEP and light comes on, if I press acc or remove acce light vanishes.(More over its city driving where car runs at 1800RPM)

I know that oil pump runs faster if engine revs fast and slow when env revs slow.
Million Dollar question -- Is it oil pump? Or something else like engine rev sensor or anything gurus here can think off?

I am very determined to fix the issue without throwing money at it guessing as this is my winter car and love to keep it for short drives.

Thanks for reading.


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November, 1, 2011 AT 6:59 AM

You will have to simulate the driving conditions on a dyno and have a mechanical gauge fitted, or a test mechanical gauge in the cabin and watch oil pressure, if it actually drips it may be a pressure relief valve problem, if hot idle oil pressure is ok, bearings and pump should be fine.



November, 1, 2011 AT 4:24 PM

Hey Thanks for your answer.

Did check the pressure and drips at 1800RPM
Cold and hot idle oil pressure is ok, don't remember the numbers but idle pressure is okay.

I am not sure but the function of pressure relief valve for excess pressure. Am I correct? But this is low oil pressure.

Any guidance where it is located and how hard it is to change?



November, 1, 2011 AT 9:40 PM

If pressure relief is faulty, it can dump pressure back to near zero if it is sticky and remains open.



November, 19, 2011 AT 10:52 PM

Issue resolved after changing Oil Pressure Sender with Audi OEM part, $20 from dealer

Per Audi specs at 1800RPM pressure has to be between 17-23 psi and pressure sender opens
the one which was isntalled was not OEM but from NAPA which doesn't open untill 25PSI where it should close between 17-25, the one from Audi closes when pressure is 20PSI, thus sending wrong signal to instrument cluster.

My mechanic (Audi enthu) was doing this test by supplying air pressure valve to the switch and figured it out and saved me without changing any costly parts ; -)

Kudos to him

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