1998 Pontiac Grand Am



September, 14, 2011 AT 11:17 PM

Okay I have a 98 Pontiac grand am and if it is hot outside or if I drive it for a while my car will start to***** when I try to accelerate when I am at a complete stop then takes a few seconds to pick up speed. It is like it is having a hard time to shift gears. Also, my car is running hot, so hot that it does the above things and even cuts off when I am sitting still whether it is at a stop light or whether I am just parked. My check engine light is not on at all. I dont know what the problem may be. I have a new engine, battery, reprogrammed computer, new starter, and some collapsed hoses have been replaced. I have spent entirely too much money over time trying to fix this car. If any has any suggestions on what may be the problem and about how much that may cost, it would be great!


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September, 14, 2011 AT 11:28 PM

Is the engine overheating when you stop?



September, 14, 2011 AT 11:33 PM

You might want to check the cooling system for pressure or do a compression/leakdown test.
Theis will telll you if there is a blown head gasket or other issues.
Check fuel pressure. Try running some high quality fuel system cleaner such as SEA FOAM or BG44K. You might have to go to a service station. Expect to pay $10-20 per can and run 2 cans. You willl need to change the oil afterwards as it works sos well the deposits it removes gets the oil dirty.

Ave you tuned it up? As in Spark Plugs, Plug Wires, etc? If so how long ago?

The intake and throttle body could be dirty, as well as the Idle Air Control Valve, (IACV), and the Fast Idle Thermo, (FIT). If the Intake tract and throttle body are dirty, that can affect performance. If they are dirty, the IACV, (which controls the idle as the engine load increases from; power steering, air conditioner, headlights, other accessories, etc. The FIT control the idle in sort of the same way, but it works when the motor is cold like a choke and it can fail which can affect the idle even after the motor is warmed up.

There are also emissions stuff like Exhaust gas return, Positive Crankcase Pressure, PCV Valve, etc. Which can have some affect but not as much as the other items.

Try the fuel cleaner and check tune up items as well as tests. Then get back to us.



September, 14, 2011 AT 11:44 PM

On an ordinary day when I stop the engine doesnt overheat but today it was. It sounds like the engine is rocking then my car cuts off. I checked my coolant level and it was good. I could feel the heat on my legs and feet while I was driving. But I will try the fuel cleaner and see if I need a tune up.



September, 15, 2011 AT 12:17 AM

One other point. What are you using to measure temp?
You might want to spend $20 on an Infrared thermostat to have a consistant baseleine.
Make sure your cooling fans are coming on. Turn on A/C and make sure condenser fan comes on.
You could have a bad radiator cap or theremostat. Check for pressure after stopping and letting maotor sit just a minute if hot. Grab the upper radiator hose and if it has pressure, it is like a short version of the real pressure test.

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