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CarPro Guys,
Thanks for your recent help in locating the Actuators on my 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager that has 177,000 miles.

I need to explain in detail the steps that occurred up to the point that I first asked the question of you, then I need to ask what I need to do now.

1. The system blew heat out the lower rear A/C vent when the A/C was on. The front system worked okay in A/C mode
2. For a few days the system wouldn't cool at all on A/C mode and wouldn't blow full strength
3. For another few days after that the system on A/C mode would only blow out the defrost vents
4. Then when the mode was set to lower or "feet" mode it would only blow out upper vents
5. I ran the diagnostic test and it gave 4 flashes code "Blend Pass. Actuator did not reach heat stop"
6. Contacted CarPro Guys for help locating Actuators
7. Replaced Passenger Blend Door Actuator and reinstalled the same old Driver Blend Door Actuator
8. I am now getting 4 flashes followed by 8 flashes "Driver Blend Door Actuator did not reach heat stop"
Q(A): is there a procedure to be certain that I have installed the Actuators correctly. The new actuator was not set the same as the old one and took some manual adjustment of the Duct Door shaft to get it back on -- which caused the Driver actuator to have to be re-adjusted
Q(B): what should I do now? Should I replace the Drive side Actuator also? Should I remove and reinstall the Actuators after a readjustment?
Q(C): Should I replace the entire control Module? Maybe it is bad.

Thursday, November 25th, 2010 AT 4:27 PM

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Hello, are 2 CarPors working over the Thanksgiving Holiday? If not, enjoy your time off

If so, I see that my account has been debited for $20.

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Friday, November 26th, 2010 AT 6:17 PM
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Chrysler doesn't really have a lot of problems with these controllers other than soda splashing up from the cup holders into the buttons, but given the multiple and varied symptoms, it seems there is more going on than just one defective actuator. It does sound like a controller problem, but before you jump to that, you might want to check the pins for the electrical connector. That will require unscrewing the metal cover from the back and removing the circuit board to look at the solder connections behind the plugs. Watch out that you don't lose the little metal BBs that give the control ****s their click.


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Monday, November 29th, 2010 AT 9:27 PM

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