1998 Plymouth Neon



July, 29, 2012 AT 7:30 PM

How to change rear crank seal in plymoth neon 1998 2.0 l automatic

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July, 29, 2012 AT 7:34 PM

You would need to remove the transmission to do that.



July, 29, 2012 AT 7:35 PM

Can u list the steps to do this



July, 30, 2012 AT 1:24 PM

1. Disconnect battery cables. Pull power distribution center upward from mounting bracket and set power distribution center aside. Power distribution center is located at driver's side front corner of engine compartment, just behind battery. Remove battery and battery tray.

2. On models with cruise control, remove cruise control actuator. On all models, disconnect necessary electrical connectors from transaxle. Disconnect shift cable from transaxle. Remove shift cable bracket from transaxle. Disconnect throttle pressure cable from transaxle. Remove bracket for throttle pressure cable from transaxle.

3. Remove dipstick and dipstick tube. Disconnect oil cooler lines at transaxle. Remove upper starter bolt and upper transaxle-to-cylinder block bolts.

4. Support engine with hoist. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove axle shafts from transaxle.

5. Remove transaxle support brace located between side of cylinder block and transaxle. Remove front (radiator side) engine mount through-bolt. Remove lower starter bolt and starter.

6. Remove front (radiator side) engine mount bolts. Remove torque converter cover. Place reference mark on flexplate and torque converter for installation reference. Remove torque converter bolts. Support transaxle with transmission jack.

7. Remove through-bolt from transaxle mount located on end of transaxle at driver's side of vehicle. Remove transaxle mount from end of transaxle. Remove transaxle-to-cylinder block bolts. Slide transaxle from engine. Install "C" clamp on edge of transaxle housing to hold torque converter in place. Lower transaxle
and remove transaxle assembly from vehicle.

8. Remove drive plate from engine to gain access to oil seal. Using a screwdriver, carefully pry rear seal out. DO NOT nick or damage crankshaft flange seal surface or retainer bore.

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