Why does my Lincoln town squeaks loud when I'm.

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Why does my lincoln town squeaks loud when I'm turning the steering wheel?

Friday, January 25th, 2013 AT 4:17 AM

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NEVER IGNORE SQUEAKS ON A FORD. It is possible for noises to be caused by things like worn control arm bushings, but since the mid '70s Ford has had more problems with steering and suspension parts separating and leading to loss of control and crashes than all other brands combined. It is common to learn when picking them up with a tow truck that the noises started in as little as the last 700 miles. Have the car inspected at a tire and alignment shop before you skid into a tree or oncoming traffic. They will start with the ball joints and tie rod ends since those are the most common parts to fail, but everything should be thoroughly inspected. Given the age of the car, they will also measure ride height. Coil springs sag with age on any car. That changes the geometry of the suspension system which affects handling and braking. It will also result in poor tire wear even though the numbers appear to be okay on the alignment computer. Correcting ride height is not as serious as noises but no conscientious mechanic will ignore it.

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Friday, January 25th, 2013 AT 4:31 AM

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