Why does my Jeep keep stalling?

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Ok so I got my jeep about 8 months ago and have had nothing but problems. It started stalling after a few months out of nowhere and one day it stalled out on me on the freeway and it smelled like eggs and fireworks so I was told it was the catalytic converter so I was going to get that fixed but wasnt able to at the time (btw I live in az so it is very hot here) that was the only stall that smelled like that. So as I go on the stalling is getting worse and worse the dealer said he replaced the fuel filter or pump twice but each time it would be good for a couple days and then go back to its usuall stalling, when I asked for the paperwork on everything they have done all I seen with the fuel system complaint was they put in a fuel stabelizer. So my jeep is getting worse and worse it will stall out while driving and while coming to a stop or on idle and almost everyday aroung 1 (my lunch) and 5 (when I get off) I have to sit in the parking lot for about 5-20min trying to start it but it wont start just keeps "cranking" I belive would be the word. Sometime it takes longer but I usually get it started after a while. I havent yet been completely stranded. So a friend told me to unplug all the plugs like to my computer and stuff and spray them with electrical cleaner so I did that and it was running pefect for the rest of that day(yesterdy) I was so happy but then today I was leaving for lunch and it wouldnt start just kept cranking then it stared but stalled on me 3 times durring my usual 5 min drive home. It tends to do it more when its hotter it has never done it in the morning when im leaving to work. I did some reaserch and have found maybe I should get a new pcm or just check if the wires have a good connection. Im just getting fustrated with this jeep it makes me sad. Also I have taken it to ford 4x chevy 2x and jeep 2x none of them could figure it out.
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Monday, October 8th, 2012 AT 10:55 PM

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If engine stalls when slowiing down and you are able to restart easily, that would mean the idle control system is not functioning correctly.

Cleaning the throttle body and IAC should solve the problem.
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Monday, October 8th, 2012 AT 11:03 PM

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