1998 Honda Civic driver's door won't open.

  • 1998 HONDA CIVIC
  • 125,000 MILES
I think that the door unlocks, both using the power lock and manually, but the door won't open. It's extremely difficult to keep climbing over from the passenger's side. Is there anything I can try? Some have said that the inside door panel must be removed, and that this can be done even if the door isn't open, while others say that it's not possible without drilling holes and sawing off pieces. What's possible?
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Sunday, November 20th, 2011 AT 5:12 AM

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The door panel must be removed to reconnect the latching mechanism. Not sure whether the door panel can be removed with the door closed, but it won't be as easy as with the door open. There will be 2 or 3 screws, 1 or 2 in the armrest/door handle, possibly 1 in the door latch, and possibly 1 in the window crank. There are friction pins around the outer perimeter of the panel securing it to the door.
You can always try using a 'door unlocking tool' through the window opening to open the door. This is a slender piece of thin metal between 2 and 3 feet long with a notch in one end that is inserted between the window and the door panel. A flashlight will help you see easier.
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Sunday, November 20th, 2011 AT 5:46 AM

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