1998 Ford Contour



March, 29, 2012 AT 7:02 AM

Hey I have a 98' ford conture and its making this whirring sound. Its constant no matter if im driving or in park and it does it at even intervals. And when the sounds happens around a turn it becomes a higher pitch. Also it comes and goes it might be good for the day then start again outta no where. Any idea what this sounds can be from?


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March, 29, 2012 AT 7:41 AM

All we can do over a computer is guess, and my vote is for an engine pulley rubbing on a plastic splash shield. If you never hear the noise with the air conditioning turned off, look at the AC compressor clutch. If you hear it standing still like you mentioned, pop the hood and see if the sound will lead you to something rubbing. If so, suspect a collapsed engine mount that is letting one side of the engine sag a little.

The AC compressor will cycle on and off too but you really shouldn't be able to hear that inside the car unless something is happening to it. If the system is low on refrigerant, you might hear it flowing through the evaporator in the dash when the compressor cycles on. That is not real common but I have heard it on occasion. A better possibility is the radiator fan cycling on and off. You should hear that inside the car but the pitch won't change unless a bearing is going out in the motor.

You could also be hearing a belt idler pulley although the noise will typically be constant. The pitch will change with engine speed but it usually won't come and go.

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