Timer for dome light and radio after the ignition is turned off

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This will probably be the dumb question of the day. I have a 1998 Z24 Cavalier in which everything seems to work fine on except that the Dome/Courtesy lights will not come on when the doors are opened or when toggled on. I have checked the standard fuses and bulbs and all are fine. Furthermore, when you turn the car off (not in accessory mode) the radio does not stay on, everything automatically shuts off instead of staying on until you open the door. On a side note my radio is a AC Delco with single disc player, the radio does pick up stations fine, but you can only barely hear them even with the volume all the way up. I did remove the radio and checked the connections and all were secure only difference was when I removed the antenna plug-in and the volume went from super soft to blasting (static) until it was plugged back in, however the radio does play a disc perfectly. Update I have got the interior lights on by removing a relay from the Multi-function Alarm module. But Still have issues with radio timer after turning the key to off it automatically kills the radio.
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Thursday, January 5th, 2012 AT 10:44 PM

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There is an inline fuse by the right side of steering column. It is a yellow wire. Also the multi function alarm module supplies power to the radio so that may be why it goes out. The module may be bad. Check your ground for the radio as it is under the right front seat, that may help as well. You will probably have to re-install the relay for the radio to work. It may be bad as well and the antennae may be grounding out causing your low volume problem. But best check with a radio shop for that before you end up spending more money.
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Friday, January 6th, 2012 AT 12:22 AM

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