1998 Chevrolet Blazer


Larry Gunther

June, 20, 2013 AT 11:13 AM

My Blazer will not move unless I floor the gas, forward and reverse. I changed the fuel filter and all sparks plugs are firing. I recently changed the transmission but after the radiator blew I had to have it towed because it kept over heating and shutting off. I replaced the radiator also. I'm all out of ideas so was hoping maybe you could give me a clue what to look for as an answer why there's no thrust anymore, it just kind of wont go!
I'd be MORE than happy to donate if you have the answer for me, be ecstatic if you have an answer lol.


1 Answer



June, 27, 2013 AT 8:15 PM

It sounds like you should probably have some check engine lights on, have the car scanned and let me know what codes are showing up. I will be able to be more helpful with this. Autozone does it for free.

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