1997 Volkswagen Beetle



May, 20, 2012 AT 11:33 PM

The red light under the battery symbol and the yellow round light that is all by istelf on the right side of the dash came on at the same time. Can you tell me what these two lights mean? The yellow light has o markings at all.

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May, 21, 2012 AT 12:46 AM

Those two together suggest the yellow one is for the anti-lock brakes. The red one would be for the base brake system. Three things can turn the red one on. First check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. If it is low, it's time to have the front brakes, (all of them) inspected for wear. Don't add any new brake fluid yet. When new brake pads are installed, the pistons must be reset into the calipers to make room for those new thicker pads, and doing so will push a lot of brake fluid back up into the reservoir. You need to leave room for that. If you fill the reservoir first, that old fluid will run over and spill onto the body and eat the paint off.

If the reservoir is empty, there may be a leak that must be diagnosed and repaired, then your mechanic will refill the reservoir. Be absolutely certain, if you do add any brake fluid, that you do not get any hint of petroleum product in with the brake fluid. That is a very serious and expensive repair.

A leak in one of the hydraulic circuits will also turn on the red warning light. The third possibility is to be sure the parking brake pedal or handle is fully released. Anything that turns on the red warning light will cause the yellow ABS light to turn on too. That is because with a brake fluid level or pressure problem, the anti-lock function can't work properly so the computer turns that system off and turns on the yellow light to tell you.



May, 21, 2012 AT 7:14 AM

The red indicator under the battery icon is the "low oil pressure light".

The yellow circle at the bottom right is the "brake wear" indicator. Your front brakes are low
or you have a broken wire at one of the sensors (part of the inner brake pads).

Top up your oil and have your oil pressure checked if the light continues to flash.

Have your front brakes inspected / replaced.




May, 21, 2012 AT 7:18 AM

Sorry. Only top up the oil if it is low. Too much oil is not good for the engine. If the oil level is OK
but the little oil can light still comes on. Have your oil pressure checked (could just be a bad
pressure switch).


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