1997 Pontiac Grand Prix



July, 6, 2012 AT 5:06 PM

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Sedan 4-Door 3.8L 3800CC 231Cu. In. V6 GAS OHV Supercharged that started misting out the vents with the AC on max, we had been driving about 4 hours on a very hot day. The mist lasted about 10-15 seconds then started blowing neutral air, no greasy or antifreeze type smell. Is this indicative of the compressor or am I out of freon? I took it to a shop and they quoted me over $1300!!! saying the compressor is bad, although it's turning on it's not circulating. I found a compressor repair kit online that includes: One Remanufactured Compressor: 10-987 One New Drier: 60-33214 New Orifice Tube: 90-38623 One New Seal Kit: MT2540 8oz Can PAG150 Oil.....for $150. I'm sure I can find someone to install it if the compressor is really the problem. I know it will need to be vacuumed etc so I can't do it myself. Advice?? This is the link to the repair kit I found on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130503307226#ht_3789wt_1010 I don't want to buy junk parts but this seems reasonable vs the $450 the garage quoted me, not to include the other stuff or labor.


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July, 6, 2012 AT 5:26 PM

Sounds like you did loose your fren. I assume you had it checked. As far as you supplying your own parts, it will be hard to find a shop to install your stuff as you take profit away from them when you do this. If they will, they most likely will charge you more to make up for there loss.
Internet cheap parts are a big gamble. What will you do if it is a bad part? You will pay labor 2 times for the repair and get more cheap parts.

Just be leary of the parts as you dont want to spend anymore than you need too.

Shop around at other shops for prices before doing this purchase.




July, 6, 2012 AT 5:27 PM

If the A/C runs good after resting, it is the cooling coil frosting out. This is due to the coolness being set at minimum and fresh air is getting into the cabin.



July, 6, 2012 AT 5:35 PM

I know a few shade tree type guys that may be willing to install it. I can't afford $90/hr labor type place so I'll keep looking for parts. I am leery of internet purchases like you said so thanks for the advice!

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