1997 Honda Odyssey



December, 22, 2010 AT 10:08 PM

1997 Honda Odyssey mileage: 81,340. I had installed Honda brake pads replaced in October, 1999. Ever since then, my brakes have not felt right. I installed honda brake rotors and they kind of feel warped? I took it back to have them look at it again and they said it sounds like a brake problem and when I told them that they just replaced my brakes a few months ago, after looking at it, they decided that my problem was not a brake problem and that they didn't know what was causing the problem but that it was not a brake problem. Today, I took my car to another repair place and they told me that whomever did my original brake job cut my new honda brake rotors too thin. He said 2500's to 3000's under the legal spec. And that my rotors are bad and need to be replaced. Is it possible to cut them too thin, and if so, what problems could that cause. And is there a way to know and/or prove that they were cut too thin?


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December, 22, 2010 AT 10:10 PM

It is possible to machine the brake rotors too thin. Stamped on the rotor is a minimum thickness they should be machined to. If the rotors are machine below the minimum thickness, the brakes will not dissipate the heat and warping of the brake rotors can occur. When the rotors become to thin, they need to be replaced.≫



January, 3, 2011 AT 1:07 AM

New rotors do not need to be machined. If the shop machined new rotors, then they should be replacing them under warranty if they are warped. Also, if the lugnuts are over-tightened, then the rotors can warp. ALWAYS TORQUE THE WHEELS TO SPECS. The specs for this Odyssey is 80 ft/lbs

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