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How to replace front disc pads on 97acura rl

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 AT 2:59 PM

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Raise and support vehicle.
Remove front wheels. Remove brake hose bracket from knuckle.
Remove lower caliper bolt, and pivot caliper up out of the way.
Remove pads, pad shims, and pad retainers.
Measure thickness of brake lining.
Minimum brake pad thickness is.06" (1.60 mm).
Clean caliper and bracket, and check for cracks or grooves.
Check disc rotor for damage and cracks.
Repair or replace as necessary. See Fig. 8.

NOTE: Replace brake pads in axle sets. DO NOT allow grease, brake fluid, or other contaminants to contact lining surface. Inspect, clean, and resurface rotor as necessary.

Lubricate shim and sliding surfaces with high-temperature silicone grease.
Install pad retainers.
Apply Molykote(R) M77 compound to both sides of pad shims and back of pads.
Install inner and outer pad shims.
Install brake pads in brackets.
Install inner brake pad with pad wear indicator on the inside.
Push piston into caliper bore with finger pressure so caliper will fit over pads.
Pivot caliper down and install lower caliper bolt.
Tighten bolts to specification.
Depress brake pedal several times to restore normal brake pedal stroke.
If necessary, bleed brakes.

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