1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee



October, 8, 2012 AT 6:15 PM

Hi I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee and it died this morning. A friend said that he just had the same problem with his jeep. After doing some research I came across an article that said it could also be the ignition coil. How do I know?

Symptoms: Turn the key and the engine rolls over but won't start. Seems as if there
is no fuel, but we just put a half tank in. At the same time the fuel guage
doesn't register any fuel.


1 Answer



October, 8, 2012 AT 6:36 PM

If all cars developed the same problem we wouldn't need mechanics to diagnose them. The first thing you have to do is listen for the hum of the fuel pump for the first one second after turning on the ignition switch. The next is to see if you have spark. Those are two totally independent systems but the most common problems affect both of them.

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