1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee



September, 13, 2013 AT 4:16 PM

The car wouldn't start nothing would come on we put a jump box on it and it, cranked and wouldn't stay on unless I kept my foot on the gas but when I let off everything shut off no power nothing then I heard a clicking sound coming from the fuse box the clicking stayed on for a minute then it stopped and everything worked just fine the power worked and it drove just fine

2 Answers



September, 13, 2013 AT 6:18 PM

If you heard a clicking, chances are you have a bad relay. Have you checked them? Is the vehicle running properly now?



September, 13, 2013 AT 9:10 PM

An undercharged battery will do exactly as you describe. Have your battery tested, and if found bad, replace it. Let us know if that helped.

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