1996 Honda Ballade



July, 3, 2012 AT 7:28 AM

I figured out why my car is not starting. Well here it goes.A few days ago it just refuses to start only in the mornings ( no swing, just dead) so I leave the car and when I go back after 2 hours to try and start, it starts.

So during the course of the day I do my daily run arounds and everytime I go back and start it starts up. So.I thought it could be either the battery, starter. I had it checked out and both are in good working order.

So, what I noticed is when I used to turn my key to start, I have to wait for a couple of seconds before the orange malfunction light goes off, and when that happens I simply turn the key and it starts.

Now. When I wait for that light to go off, and try starting it refuses to. So what I am doing currently for the car to start I am pressing the little button on my remote continously till I hear a click, and when that happens I simply start and move.

What could be the problem to cause this and only in the morning?



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July, 3, 2012 AT 1:14 PM

You should have replied to your previous post so that whoever attended to you can response when notification is received.

I just want to confirm this. When you said it could not be started, were you able to crank the engine? In your previous post you mentioned nothing happened when you turn the ignition key.

Whether the engine can be cranked or not means a difference in the possibilities.

Is there a green key symbol in dash that is flashing when you could not start?



July, 3, 2012 AT 1:20 PM

No, the engine could not crank at all. And no it has no green key symbol.



July, 3, 2012 AT 1:33 PM

This is strange because the MIL has nothing to do with the non-cranking issue unless you have an immobilizer system that is malfunctioning.

I had in mind a fault with the PGM-FI main relay which would cause intermittent non starting but usually you can crank the engine.

When engine could not be started and if the MIL does not go off after a few seconds, it indicates either a fault with the PGM-FI main relay or the ECM.

Remove the relay and check the circuit board for signs of cracked solders. I would recommend resoldering all the soldered joints and retest even if you do not see any cracks.



July, 3, 2012 AT 1:41 PM

I will do and leave reply once done


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