1996 Dodge Ram



July, 31, 2013 AT 9:53 AM

This truck is a recent purchase by my son. It ran fine for 2 months, recently the tranny stopped shifting into low gear and overdrive quit working as well. After looking at the truck I found that the tranny electrical connecter to the solenoids was unplugged. I plugged it back in and the truck ran fine for 2 days. My son was on his way home and the tranny quit down shifting into low (it would leave a stop in second gear) and when it shifted into overdrive he said the tranny shifted extremely hard. He pulled over to check the electrical plug. Shut the truck off, and now the fuel pump runs continuously and there is no spark to the ignition, I hooked up my OTC Genesis and have no communication. It was raining hard that day. I dried the tranny electrical connector with air and replaced the computer on the fire wall. The truck ran fine for 20 min. I went to back it out of the shop and it died with the same issue. ( Fuel pump on with key on and no communication)


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July, 31, 2013 AT 11:40 AM

Check fuses underhood first as well as dash. Aldl comes from pcm so it may not have a good connection there. It could be a bad connection at either end or a shorted wire for aldl. If not have apro look at it. Check cam and crank sensors for resistance and check connectors there as well. It cold be either of those we have no specs on crank cam so you'll have to check against new


david collins jr

August, 26, 2013 AT 9:06 AM

Did you ever find the problem? Im having some of the same problems with my 99 dodge 4x4. I don't have the fuel pump issue but im not getting and spark to the engine. Ive changed the crank sensor, starter relay, plugs, dist. Cap and rotor, ignition coil and still nothing, don't really know who to ask and where to go from here.

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