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Corsica was sitting for awhile before I got it and put on the road. Put on necessary new parts. Was misfiring on #3 cylinder, so I put new plugs and wires. Cleared codes and it ran fine for about 2 weeks. Now it is misfiring again on same cylinder. Both times I let the gas run low. Could this be contributing to the misfiring?

Friday, June 24th, 2011 AT 7:33 PM

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Do a cylinder balance test, if you find a dead cylinder, check spark--fuel-- compression.

Engine running, you kill cylinders one at a time while watching the rpms. If you kill a cylinder that has no effect on the rpms, it is dead or very weak.

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Friday, June 24th, 2011 AT 7:46 PM
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Also to add on this-check the compression and injector for no.3 cylinder

1.Defective spark plugs
2.Inadequate spark/coil,defective spark plug wire.
3.Lack of compression
4.False air leakage.
5.Faulty fuel injectors.
6.Insufficient fuel pressure.
7.Contaminated fuel.
8.EGR valve that is leaking.
9.Oxygen sensors.
10.Throttle position sensor.
11.Manifold absolute pressure sensor
12.Mass Airflow Sensor
13.Idle air control valve

Note: If it doesn't apply disregard it-

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Friday, June 24th, 2011 AT 7:56 PM

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