1996 Audi Other left lights on overnight

  • 1996 AUDI
  • 75,000 MILES
I left the lights on overnight and drained the battery, I managed to get the car started with a car starter that I have had for a few years. I managed to get the car started ok but then I started having problems with the engine cutting out. It cut out when taking my foot of the pedal and when I came to a stop at junctions it's a bit of a problem I hope you can help, Thank you very much. James.
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Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 AT 8:19 AM

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Try this Throttle body allignment technique:
"The Throttle is "Drive By Wire" and adapts to your particular driving style. Do a TBA Throttle body adaption).

1. Get in your car, it doesn't matter if you close the door or not.
2. Turn the key to the on position, the position just before the starter turns over.
3. Press the gas pedal to the floor with the key in the "on" position.
4. Hold the pedal to the floor for five seconds, then turn the key back to the "off" position(don't remove the key), then release the gas pedal.
5. Wait 2 mins. For a full alignment. During this time you may hear very faint noises and clicks.
6. Drive the car as you always do.

Another thing to try if this doesn't work:
Drive the car on the highway at a steady speed for about 30 minutes, The computer will "relearn" its parameters and the idle should then return to normal.
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Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 AT 9:56 AM

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