1995 Toyota Tercel



December, 29, 2010 AT 3:29 AM

How to remove the brake drum on a 1995 toyota tercel


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December, 29, 2010 AT 3:48 AM

Raise and support rear of vehicle, then remove wheel and tire assembly.
Remove brake drum. If brake drum cannot be remove easily, insert a suitable screwdriver through hole in backing plate, then push adjuster lever away from adjuster and back of adjustment tension.
Remove shoe return spring, using suitable tool, then remove return spring clamp, Fig. 6.
Fig. 6 Exploded View Of Type 3 Brake Assembly.

Remove front shoe hold-down spring, retainers and pin.
Disconnect anchor spring, then remove front brake shoe and anchor spring.
Remove rear shoe hold-down spring, retainers and pin using suitable tool.
Disconnect parking brake cable from lever, then remove rear shoe with strut.
Remove adjusting lever spring and strut from rear shoe.
Remove C-washer, then the shims, parking brake lever and automatic adjusting lever from rear shoe.
Position a suitable container to catch fluid, then disconnect brake line.
Remove two attaching bolts, then the wheel cylinder.
Remove two boots, two pistons, two piston cups and spring from wheel cylinder.



January, 1, 2011 AT 4:42 PM

I found out to remove the drum the axle nut needs to be removed. Once that's off the drum slides off easily.

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