1995 Plymouth Voyager



May, 6, 2011 AT 10:56 PM

Hello I have a 1995 plymouth grand voyager 3.0L 6v, there is a pretty major coolant leak from the water pump area, I got two quotes from my local garage's and at a glance they both said need to replace the water pump, Could it be anything else like a dodgy seal or is it an all in one bit of kit bolted to (in) the engine?1st garage: quoted Reconditioned pump ( $64) said to replace the timing belt as well because has to be taken off anyway so may as well replace ($60). Plus 4hours labour. (Also said pump is run by timing belt? Is this true) 2nd garage quoted replace pump but would also need to replace housing (not sure exactly what meant by housing)($135 for both) Did not mention belt so I asked and he said would not need to touch belt! And said 6-7 hours labour. Which (if any) are correct, was very confussed by two different responses. CAN YOU HELP!


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May, 6, 2011 AT 11:15 PM

The pump is driven by the timing belt and they both should be replaced.



May, 6, 2011 AT 11:37 PM

Also inspect the pipe and O-ring behind the water pump

The timing belt drives pump
This is a picture for the system

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