1995 Lexus ES 300 Car keeps cutting out.

  • 1995 LEXUS ES 300
  • 310,000 MILES
Hello, while I was on the highway the other day my car cut out on me and the check engine light popped on. I tried to cut it back on and it started but it did not seem to be getting any power. I could only go about 5 miles an hour before it cut out. I had the car towed to my moms driveway and once it cooled down I started it back up. It turns off and the engine runs but as soon as I hit the gas my check engine light popped back on and it died out immediately. I was wondering if it could be the fuel pump? I just got gas so I know that it wasn't lacking any. I had it towed to a shop and the guy said that the spark plugs were real bad and he changed them out but the car is still doing the same thing. His second guess is that it could be the fuel pump and lastly the engine because of an oil leak but he is not sure. Could you all give me some advice?
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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 AT 12:56 PM

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Spark plugs alone wouldn't have caused the problem you had. A fuel pump could, but without checking fuel pump pressure, that is a guess. Next, if the check engine light came on, there will be trouble codes that identify where the problem is coming from. I recommend having the computer scanned to identify the codes. That should direct you to the problem.
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Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 AT 7:58 PM

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