1995 Ford 500



May, 20, 2011 AT 1:18 AM

Hello. My 95 ford 150 5.8 I over heated it and blew a head gasket . White smoke and air in my over flow. The engine was running very good, How do I see if There is anything else wrong before I change the head gasket? It starts up but seems to be missing. Thanks MITCH

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May, 20, 2011 AT 2:35 AM

The missing is probably due to Water in the Cylinder and No Compression.

You said it turns over, you might Disable the fuel system and ignition system (fuse or relay removal) remove ALL OF THE SPARK PLUGS, and turn it over. Listen for any knocking.

The extent that you allowed it to overheat, may sorta have created more damage than just the gasket.

I Strongly recommend, that you should have an automotive machine shop to check the head for straightness (flat surface) and if it's out, It may have to be "surfaced". They can also determine if the valves and related parts are damaged.

When you remove the head, see if you can find the Bad Place in the head gasket, inspect the area above and below it for anything mechanical, that may have caused it.

With the head off, inspect the your pistons and cylinder walls. Clean the block's mating surface well.

When you re-install it--Insure you use a torque wrench and tighten to the correct specs, in steps, and in the right bolt order sequence. If not she might blow out again!

You will also need to change your oil and drain and replace your coolant.

Then you must find out what caused the overheat, Cooling fan? Thermostat? Fan clutch? Lack of coolant etc. Etc.

Kinda gets involved. Huh?

The Medic



May, 20, 2011 AT 11:49 AM

Regardless of what conclusions you reach before disassembly, the heads have to be tested and inspected by a machine shop and only then will you know the extent of the damage.

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